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Identity Theft Victims

The support service for Victims of Identity Theft begins with the Credit Analysis that is the basis of any process carried out in our offices.

The Credit Analysis begins with an initial interview with the Client to know the financial and / or credit situation that may be affecting him.

Then, we proceed to generate the three credit reports for the agencies Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. In addition to the data presented in the credit reports, we also obtain the credit scores for each of the Credit Agencies.


As a result of this analysis, the Client may identify which accounts or information does not belong to him.  

On behalf of the Client, a Complaint must be generated in the local Police where the possible reason why the Client could have been a victim of identity theft is specified. 


As part of the service, we quote a lawyer and / or notary to prepare an "affidavit" in the format required by law; document which will be sent to the relevant Credit Agencies to eliminate and / or work  any information that does not belong to the  Client .

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